Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are caused by two occasions: (1) an increase of pressure and (2) during the seasons of extreme cold. When an object is stuck inside a pipe, it will block or clog the only exit, causing it to build pressure and burst. The latter occasion, on the other hand, happens when a portion of the liquid that is flowing inside the pipe freezes – reducing the amount of space that is allowed to move in and, in the same manner, increases the pressure and causes the pipe to burst.

Never approach this damage through do-it-yourself repairing methods. Not only is it extremely difficult and dangerous to do alone, but also, you are most likely to use unnecessary and inefficient techniques, which will affect the overall repairs.

Doing a mediocre and incomplete repair job may lead to primary and secondary related damages which include:

  • Mold, and Mildew Buildup

  • Damaged Furniture, Utilities, and Appliances

  • Structural Damages

  • Pungent Odors

  • Bodily Injuries

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