Water damage can be quite devastating for museums and other facilites that hold valuable cultural and art pieces. Whether it’s from a burst pipe, flooding, or from damaged equipment — when water gets into your building, it’s important to have it fixed, immediately.

The museum's management should make sure that any incidents that involve fire or water damage is taken care of as quickly as possible. Moisture is tricky and can end up getting into places where it normally shouldn’t. Basements and crawlspaces aren’t safe from water damage either. It’s this sort of thing that costs museums hundreds and thousands of dollars in damage. This means significant losses for business, as there are few people who would want to visit a museum that’s poorly maintained.

Have a Contingency Plan Ready

It is important that each member of the staff at the museum is aware of a plan for what to do in case of emergencies. It’s useful that your employees also know about first aid, so that if there are any sick or wounded people during the evacuation, they can be treated with proper care before being brought to a hospital.

It’s best if the museum can allocate time to practice evacuation plans, and it would also be a great idea to invest in communication devices and backup generators. Setting up first-aid stations at your chosen evacuation point is also quite useful if you need to tend to wounded or sick people.

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