Dealing with the Aftermath of Fire Damage


Even though a fire may be over, a fire damaged home may still not be safe. It can still spur secondary fires if its residents aren’t careful. There is also a chance of increased liability for the home owner if he acts heedlessly during a post-fire event.


Here are some tips from S&J Builders and Restoration Services to keep yourself safe and liability free if your home encountered a fire:

Wait for the fire marshal to signal that the site is safe to access. These experts first need to get rid of possible sources of secondary fires from the home or establishment. Getting their approval first is important from a safety standpoint.


  • Switch off the electricity. A fire compromises all the systems in a home, especially the wiring. If the electric system is still active there is the danger that any exposed wires may still be live and therefore electrocute you or a family member. It can also spark another fire.


  • Call your insurer and wait for instructions. Chances are, your insurance company will send one of their adjusters to check the site for herself. He or she will need access to properly identify and assess your losses. If you clean the site immediately, its condition may be compromised and your adjuster might not be able to make a sound assessment. You may also be opening yourself up to a rejection of your claim or to more liability.


  • Wear protective clothing. Wear a face mask, gloves, and proper clothing to mitigate exposure from the ash and soot. Open the windows and let the air in to remove burnt smells. Use dehumidifiers or fans in order to dry out wet areas hit by firemen’s hoses. Remove debris and list burned items and take them out of the site in order of value. Inspect nooks and crannies for soot and ash. Clean plastic surfaces and windows with mild alkaline solutions. Polish metal items and surfaces with cooking oil to remove smoke and ash particles. Paint over damaged walls with the proper oil-based or lacquer paints.


  • Your best bet: call a restoration professional. Why go through all the inconvenience of fixing the fire damage yourself when you can get in touch with your remediation expert S&J Builders and Restoration Services. The team of restorers at S&J Builders and Restoration Services will clear the site of any debris, structurally dry wet areas, perform content restoration on salvageable items, handle all communication with your insurance company, and then re-construct the affected parts of your home. We’ll do a good job so that your home gets back its pre-loss condition. Our team can be deployed as soon as the fire is out because we treat your issues like the true emergencies they are.


S&J Builders and Restoration Services has been serving the San Diego area since 1996. We handle all types of structural restoration emergencies including water damage remediation. You can get in touch with us at our 619-449-2014 number and through the contact form on this page. S&J Builders and Restoration Services restores lives and homes.


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