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One of the most difficult phases of recovering from a disaster is cleaning up. The aftermath of a fire, flood, or storm is not pretty, and depending on the situation, the wreckage that is left behind can get pretty out of hand. Although your initial point of concern might be the structural integrity of your home, you should never leave the condition of your contents behind. When the state of your furniture, cabinetry, and other items go ignored, it will be much harder to have them repaired in the future.



Depending on the disaster, your items might be subjected to various kinds of damage. For example, your couch can soak up liters of flood water, while soot can permanently stain your tables. Right away, you might think that you can get rid of the problems yourself by cleaning up and doing repair work. However, at S&J Builders & Restoration Services, Inc., we know that's not exactly true.


Even after a disaster has run its course, the contents of your home or office can still be subjected to damaging elements. Besides the destruction of their appearance, your items may also become a host for all sorts of germs and bacteria. If the piece is not sterilized properly, it will become unsafe for people who have asthma, allergies, and the like. What’s more, contaminated items reduce the quality of your home’s environment. At times like this, your best option is to call in the professionals.

If you are interested in hiring our services or have questions, give us a call at: (866) 752-8453 or contact us by clicking below to get more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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