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Hidden water is often the main reason for the growth of mold in a home. Many homeowners who have a water emergency often do not realize that water can seep into areas they cannot see. Water may seep into interior walls, be absorbed by drywall, and get under flooring. If the conditions are right in a home, then mold can lead to various problems in a home. Professional mold damage restoration can be an asset for any homeowner.



Mold will often be hidden in other locations in a home. A mold damage restoration specialist will have the latest equipment and tools to detect unseen mold. Moisture detection equipment will be used to see if moisture is hidden behind walls, under flooring, and other areas in the home. Any areas where mold is able to hide in a home will be identified. Sources of moisture are also identified and addressed to keep the home free of mold in the future.



The removal of mold in a home will require special equipment. Plastic is set up in the home to create a negative air environment in each room. Most types of mold in a home are non-toxic, but close contact can be dangerous for some residents in a home. People in a home with allergy symptoms may be susceptible to mold. Removing all the mold in a home will make the dwelling safe for habitation.


S&J Builders and Restoration Services mold removal technicians follow our methodical and well planned mold abatement and remediation process to clean up mold and repair your property to your satisfaction.

  1. Examine mold damage. We use advanced moisture-meter equipment to measure moisture in your floors, walls, ceilings, and cabinets. We then use infrared cameras to identify the origin and the extent of the damage.

  2. Extract, remove, and dry water immediately. Our mold removal professionals use commercial-grade dehumidifiers and water removal and extraction equipment to dry out your floors, carpets, cabinets, and walls to contain damage and abate mold spread and growth.

  3. Secure affected area. To prevent mold spores from spreading, the contaminated area is sealed off using plastic sheeting. We then create negative air pressure to direct the mold away from indoor space.

  4. Dispose of affected components and materials. Some materials will need to be disposed of, such as: ceiling tiles; insulation; wall boards; carpet; soft furnishings; clothes; papers; and books. Non-porous metals, glass and hard plastics may be cleaned and reused. Depending on the degree of mold damage, semi porous wood may be cleaned up by drying, sanding, and treating with an environmentally safe anti-microbial solvent before reusing.

  5. Heating, ventilation and air condition system treatment. Your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and crawl spaces will be dried, cleaned, and then treated with HEPA filtration to remove remaining mold particles.

  6. Whole house mold disinfection. To disinfect your home from mold spores, we use negative ions (electrically-charged particles) to remove airborne contaminates.

  7. Mold damage repair and restoration. S&J Builders and Restoration Services has full-time professional mold damage repair and restoration crews available to rebuild, repair, and restore your San Diego, CA home from mold damage

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