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Drain overflow is a type of disaster that can occur without warning. It can happen in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area, and can strike at any moment. If you and your home are unprepared for this kind of situation, chances are that it will be difficult to remove this disaster from your home and, even if you managed to clean it up, your home can still be exposed to secondary damages.

What Causes my Drain to Overflow?


The primary suspect of drain overflow is clogging or blockage. Your drains are designed to create a safe and easy passageway for liquids to exit your home; but when something obstructs this path, there is nowhere else for water to go but back to where it came from.  


Puddles and minor wet spots hardly seem like a threat to your home, and can easily be dealt with mopping, wiping, and drying. However, if the they begin to conquer a majority of the floor, it is already considered an in-home disaster.


Once liquid has entered through the drain, it has already been exposed to numerous contaminants and toxins that are present in the pipes. If this type of liquid comes back up, and stays in your home in a few hours, you are exposing your family members to harmful bacteria, and significantly increasing the occurrence of mold and mildew from appearing in your home.


Do not wait until you are facing this kind of scenario. If your drains are in need of repairs or restoration, the best solution to remedy this problem is by bringing in the professionals.

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