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It doesn’t matter if the damage your property has sustained was caused by burst pipes, sewage system failure, excessive precipitation, fire suppression, or storms; restoration experts from S&J Builders and Restoration Services will provide you with the most efficient and reliable damage restoration services to quickly bring your property back into tiptop shape.


Since 1996, our team has been one of the most trusted service providers in San Diego County and surrounding areas. We understand our clients’ needs for fast and dependable restoration services, and that’s why we make it a point to provide top-quality customer service by leveraging our many years of experience and using the most effective tools and equipment.


S&J Builders and Restoration Services’s restoration process is a systematic, step-by-step procedure that ensures the comprehensive rehabilitation of your home and business property. This course of action is undertaken by professionals with extensive experience in damage mitigation and repair services.


The steps are as follows:

  • Total inspection – Our restoration professionals will perform a complete investigation of the damage in your property. We will examine the damage done and determine the best strategy to follow in order to address the problem.

  • Source shutdown - Once our experts have uncovered the source, they will shut it down or complete the necessary repairs in order to mitigate the damages sustained at the property.

  • Containment – After ensuring the source has been closed, we will contain any intrusions that have already entered the property. This is an important step which makes sure that nothing will spread to other areas of the house or building, where it can wreak havoc on floors, walls, furnishings, appliances, and other household items.

  • Extraction – The next step in the restoration process is extraction. We will remove any standing water, and extract water from the more porous building materials in the home, such as carpet and pad. Although your home or property may already look dry after this procedure, the process is not yet complete due to the minute amounts of moisture still remaining on your floors and walls. We will use air movement machines and dehumidifiers to counter the additional moisture being introduced into the air due to the evaporation process.

  • Disinfection and cleanup – Decontamination and deodorization of the property follows the extraction procedure. The remaining dirt and debris will be collected and disposed of, and disinfection will be performed to prevent mold and microorganism infestation.

  • Repair and reconstruction construction professional - Will repair all the physical and cosmetic damage sustained by your property.

  • Contents restoration – While your home or building is being cleaned and restored, we can also move your disaster-affected belongings to our special facility for contents restoration. All items that can still be saved will be cleaned and restored before being moved back into your property once it is ready to be inhabited once more.

  • Final inspection – To complete our restoration process, we will perform a final inspection of your property. Using moisture meters, our restoration professionals will inspect the different areas of your house or building to make sure that it is completely dry. Our engineers and technicians will also inspect the reconstruction work done to ensure its quality and safety. We will also invite you to see our finished work so that you can let us know if everything has been done according to your expectations.

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