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When customers enter a retail shop, they expect only the best. Be it the commodity you sell or the environment you have created for your store, people like it when they feel comfortable whenever they make a purchase. However, it is inevitable that your you will face som sort of unforeseen circumstance or disasters. Pipes can easily leak through the ceilings and walls, and fires can start abruptly; and even with the proper emergency plans and systems implemented, you are still unsure if your shop is still standing after the event.

At times like these, you need a company that not only you can rely on, but are able to bring the life and ambiance back to your store. We, at S&J Builders, can definitely restore your retail facility back to its pre-loss condition.

Professional Services at its Best

We have seen a lot of retail facilities wear out due to shoddy restoration jobs. Walls that were not dried thoroughly become perfect surfaces for mold growth. Areas that have been affected by fires can still harbor soot and smoke. These harmful substances affect not only the environment of your establishment, but the health of your customers and employees as well.  

Yes, it is true that some circumstances can be handled with simple DIY's methods, but there is nothing like seeing the professionals at work. Time is always at the essence, and if your establishment is constantly held up because of repairs, you are going to lose money. With the help of S&J Builders however, not only will your shops be back in business in no time, but our methods will ensure that the surrounding is 100% cleared from any kind of damage. Our methods are safe, fast, and are proven to achieve the outcome you want. Give us a call by dialing (866) 752-8453. Our restoration services are available to other types of commercial properties as well. Our services are available to properties situated in California.

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