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Roofs that have seen better days are vulnerable even under the softest of rain. Through the years, roofs have often developed a multitude of holes, cracks, and even dents, which can grow larger if property owners do not immediately address them. Of course, the process of repairing roofs can be painstakingly slow – depending on the situation - and within that circumstance, another storm might just be around the corner.

It is unwise to abandon ship and let your roof suffer another pelting of raindrops, because besides accumulating more damage, rain can enter your homes. Rooms on the upper floors, like the attic, are the first areas that will be hit. Depending on the severity of the storm outside, the upper rooms can get soaked or become the perfect places for secondary problems (e.g. mold and mildew, and structural damages, etc.)

If you believe that your roof cannot withstand the following events that can ensue post-storm, contact S&J Builders today, and we will be more than happy to cover it for you.

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