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Schools are designed to be a safe place where your children can learn about the world and their surroundings. But no matter how it’s built, a school is also in danger of experiencing water damage. In order to maintain a hygienic, safe, and comfortable place of learning, the staff and teachers should  to make sure that any water damage is taken care of, no matter how big or small it may be.

Effects of Water Damage in Schools

Water damage in your school is no different from water damage in commercial or residential buildings. Water damage can occur if your school becomes flooded, or when there are burst pipes or damaged equipment in the area. These incidents can cost the school a lot of money — sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Moisture and humidity can also be a big problem. If ignored, these can lead to structural damage and mold growth. Mold can rot through wood, cause paint to peel, and trigger allergies. Additionally, water damage can lead to fire hazards. Flooding and damaged electrical wiring is also a very dangerous combination.

It’s important to keep the school running smoothly with regular maintenance, and a repair team to attend to small problems before they have a chance to grow.

Preparing Your School for Emergency Situations

A contingency plan allows the teachers, staff, and students to prepare for scenarios where they may need to evacuate. If you have an effective contingency plan and your business is interrupted by an unfortunate event, you can be sure that your students and employees will know what actions to take to remain safe. Another thing that’s important is to have an effective shelter from both man-made and natural disasters. Also, the school will find it useful to have communication and backup systems during an unfortunate event.

Before anything else happens, it’s important to nip impending disasters in the bud. If you see any source of water damage in your facility, contact a professional restoration company, like S&J Builders and Restoration, to take care of it immediately.

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