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Disasters can result in tremendous damage to both residential and commercial properties. Whether the cause is plumbing accidents, excessive rain, fire suppression, or natural disasters, immediate extraction is necessary to contain liquid and prevent it from causing more problems like secondary property damage and mold infestation.

S&J Builders mobilizes its human resources and equipment in a timely and efficient manner in order to perform extraction services. As one of the leading service providers in the surrounding area, thousands of clients have depended on us for the quick restoration of their homes and business properties.  

Since 1996, S&J Builders and Restoration Services has been an expert in the field of restoration, helping customers bring their properties back to their pre-loss condition. We rely on our experts’ many years of experience as well as on our state-of-art-equipment to ensure that our clients will enjoy top-notch services at all times.

Comprehensive extraction is necessary if you want to protect your property from suffering secondary damage. It is also important because it prevents mold and microorganism growth, which can endanger the health of your family or co-workers.

S&J Builders and Restoration Services’s extraction process is systematic and comprehensive, ensuring the complete removal of moisture from your property.

  • Pumping – Using pumping equipment, our experts will drain your home or building. Extraction is also done from items like upholstered furniture, carpets, area rugs, floors, and walls. Movable furnishings can be taken to our special facility for contents restoration before being returned to you property.

  • Evaporation – After the majority of liquid has been extracted, we’ll bring in our professional-grade air movers to hasten the drying of your property.

  • Dehumidification – Because there is still a lot of moisture in the air and the evaporation process adds additional humidity, we’ll also use dehumidifiers to counter the elevated levels of moisture. This is important because it prevents mold growth and the development of that distinctive stale odor that affects damaged properties.

  • Moisture monitoring – To ensure that your property is completely dry, we will monitor the moisture levels in different areas of your home or building throughout the extraction process. We make use of special moisture meters that give us an accurate measurement of the remaining moisture.

If your property has been invaded by a disaster that is now causing damage to your floors, walls, and furnishings, don’t lose hope. Get in touch with S&J Builders and Restoration Services today, and we’ll immediately deploy our experts to lend you a hand. You may call our main phone line at (866) 752-8453

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